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Shiny Things -- Ooo!
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Are you easily distracted? Do sparklies make you go "Ooo!" Have you ever experienced "missing time" without the usual accompanying alien encounter? Are your friends tired of finding you plastered to windows? Does "staring at preeeeeetty things" sound like a good way to spend an afternoon?

There are several hundred LiveJournalers who list "shiny things" or "shiny objects" under their interests. This...is for you.

What Is The Purpose Of This Community?
It's all about the shiny. Post pictures of things that make you go "ooo." These can be actual sparkly/shiny objects, or they can be anything else you like (a.k.a. conceptually shiny) -- beautiful scenery, gorgeous people, cute animals, drool-worthy technology, amazing artwork, and so forth. Anything that you just...can't...stop....staring at!

Use The LJ-Cut Code
Very important! It's not fair to inflict a mainly-graphic community on people's friends lists; it clogs 'em up and slows 'em down. So, if you want to post a picture on this community that's bigger than an inch or so wide/tall, just paste this super-easy code right before your image code:

<LJ-CUT TEXT="type any text you like here">

Can I post mature/adult images?
Yup, on two minor conditions:

a) You HAVE to use the LJ-Cut code
b) You HAVE to warn us before we click that code (in other words, PLEASE put, in the lj-cut text, something to the effect of "not safe for work--18+ only!").

This way everybody gets to paste their pretties and nobody gets in trouble for looking at the wrong images at work. Cool? :)

Can I request a certain kind of "shinies"?
Sure can!

Is there anything that is decidedly Not Shiny?
Very few things, but yes. There are a couple of things that will not make it through the moderated posting on this community, and multiple attempts to post such things will get you banned:

--Sales posts...this is a place to admire the shiny, it is not a place to sell your shiny things.
--Spam...links to things like game cheat codes (ahem...neopets cheats...ahem...), or free iPods/computers/etc. if you sign up for eighty bajillion magazine offers.

Basically...nything that can be easily construed as advertising or hawking will not be posted on the community. We are not here for people to sell us the shiny. We are here to gaze at pictures of stuff that fellow community members think is shiny.

enjoy the shiny!

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